Carlyle Capital has provided institutional and accredited investors access to investments that offer safety and income.

Safety – With most investors happy to earn 8-10% in a good stock market, it’s easy to forget how volatile the market can be.  The last major market correction from October 2007 through March 2009 saw a 57% decline in overall stock market values!  By supplementing an investment strategy with low leverage debt instruments backed by real estate, lending against only part of the value of the real estate intrinsically creates a level of downside protection.  In essence, if a loan is made against 60% of the value of real estate, there is a 40% level of downside protection before actual loss to principal would occur.

Income – With stocks yielding 3% and bonds yielding 4%, it’s easy to see that a trust deed investment backed by real estate can offer more lucrative yields – typically in the 8-12% range.

Short Term – Typically, a private lender structures debt instruments short term – generally, between 6 months and 2 years.  Our borrowers are experienced real estate professionals who desire a short term bridge loan to capture the opportunity of a particular real estate investment, and have a clear and defined exit strategy to payoff their debt very quickly.

Carlyle Capital’s strict underwriting guidelines provides investors unique strategies that should be considered to supplement an investment strategy.  In addition, professional loan servicing is offered to allocate the management responsibility to professionals. Of course, any investment has risk, but investors have typically been rewarded when investing in real estate debt instruments.

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  • Conservative underwriting to mitigate risk on investment
  • Legal review
  • Original Promissory Note
  • A Recorded Deed of Trust providing you with a secured lien against the property
  • A Policy of Title Insurance insuring your investment as Beneficiary
  • A Liability Insurance Policy Endorsement insuring the property
  • Professional Loan Servicing
  • Regular Income Payments
  • Short Time Horizon to recapture principal

We offer first trust deed investments to our investor population in the following areas:

Business Purpose Residential

Non-Owner Occupied Single Family, Rental Properties and 2-4 Units


Office, Multifamily, Industrial, Mixed Use, Hospitality, and Special Purpose


Acquisition or Refinance toward eventual development of property.

Residential Construction and Rehab

Ground up Construction and Fix-and-Flip

Commercial Development

Construction to maximize best use of property.


Unique financing for licensed and experienced operators.

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