A Disciplined Investment Process Focused on Delivering Superior Returns

In today’s low interest rate environment, alongside the volatility that has become commonplace in the stock and bond markets, growing and protecting investor capital are of utmost importance. Carlyle Capital provides institutional and retail investors access to low leveraged real estate backed investments that provide attractive yields.

We offer customized solutions for institutional investors seeking alternative investments.  In addition, accredited investors are granted unparalleled access to direct real estate investments via trust deed investments.

On behalf of our clients, we originate and diligently underwrite loans to provide superior yields while commensurately protecting principal.


Combining the downside protection of lending only a fraction against the overall value of a real estate to ensure our investors’ investment objectives are met.


Expertise in residential and commercial real estate, valuation, underwriting, and risk mitigation.


Benefit from an attractive income stream paid for by the borrower and secured against the value of the real estate.