Financing Provides Borrowers The Capital They Need

As a direct private lender, Carlyle Capital evaluates asset-based loans against a variety of residential and commercial properties for borrowers with unique capital needs.  Whether you are looking to acquire, refinance, or develop real property – Carlyle Capital is excited to partner with borrowers who exhibit the value in the real estate being used as collateral.

Our team is composed of experienced professionals with sharp focus on evaluating transactions quickly so that we can relay to our borrowers the terms we can commit to.

At Carlyle Capital, we intelligently and expeditiously allocate capital where needed.

  • Property Acquisitions
  • Note Acquisitions
  • Business Purpose Refinances
  • Rehabilitation / Construction
  • Value-add
  • Stabilization
  • Complex Deal Structures
  • Recapitalizations
  • Discounted Note Pay-offs


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Getting started at Carlyle Capital

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