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What is a private money loan?

Private money loans are a specific type of asset-based loan that is typically secured by real estate. At Carlyle Capital, loans are backed by non-owner occupied residential real estate or commercial real estate. Also note that we do not report to credit bureaus.

Do you lend on owner-occupied houses?

Carlyle Capital is a commercial lender meaning our loans are used for business purposes, rather than individual or personal interests. We do not provide funding for the purchase of any owner occupied residential properties.

Do you lend to foreign investors?

Absolutely! We do provide financing for foreign investors with a green card for our short-term and long-term programs. If the borrower has a thorough US credit profile, the foreign national status may have no affect on leverage and pricing, however, if the history is limited, there typically will be an adjustment to leverage and pricing.

How does my credit score affect the approval of my application?

Our loans are asset-based, meaning that we are primarily relying on the real estate collateral as our security for the loan we provide. The borrower’s credit score is taken into consideration when underwriting the loan, and typically requires a credit score of 600 or higher for our bridge programs, and 650 or higher for our long term loan programs. If you don’t have a credit score that meets our guidelines, then we will look at making the exception.

Is an appraisal always required to fund a loan?

An appraisal is required for all loans to allow us to fully understand the collateral which we are providing a loan against. We leverage various Appraisal Companies to ensure we get the best appraiser assigned to each specific property’s needs. An appraisal is typically required but we are able to complete an in-house desktop analysis if need be on a case by case basis.

What States do you lend in?

Carlyle Capital is able to lend to most states in the U.S. with the exception of Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Vermont.

Do you pay broker/referral fees?

To find out more about our broker/referral fee program, click here.

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Amanda Pierce
Amanda Pierce
The team at Carlyle Capital did a fantastic job and processed the loan quickly! I heartily present my thanks!
Glenda Robinson
Glenda Robinson
I have completed a few transactions with Carlyle Capital. I am appreciative of their assistance!
Sandra Ward
Sandra Ward
Wow! The loan process there is quick, simple, and effective! Without a doubt, I'll use them once more!
Frankie Martin
Frankie Martin
Thanks! They offer the best rates. I'd recommend them.
Louis Green
Louis Green
I have completed a few deals with Carlyle Capital. Their customer service is always quick to answer.
Spencer Campbell
Spencer Campbell
I was pleased with the rental property loan. Definitely recommend!
Ryan Turner
Ryan Turner
I have completed several deals with Carlyle Capital. Strongly recommended. Very responsive and professional.
Keaton Merritt
Keaton Merritt
Your team is great! We received just what we expected. Highly recommend.
Dylan Walsh
Dylan Walsh
Carlyle Capital did a fantastic job and processed the loan quickly!

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